Engage With us to access


  • Instant access to a carefully vetted peer group that fully understands your challenges and needs
  • Annual in-person meetings, quarterly virtual sessions, and other custom designed events and workshops
  • A vibrant digital community for rapid collaboration, information sharing, and problem solving
  • One-on-one advisory sessions with members and alliance organizers


  • Expertly facilitated sessions for sharing of best practices and lessons learned
  • Targeted collaboration on topics of strategic and tactical interest, based on key business priorities, business models, and capabilities
  • Opportunities to share your company's perspective and expertise in articles, podcasts, webinars, and conferences
  • Ongoing benchmarking of organizational capabilities, programs, and competencies


  • Outside speakers on big picture topics such as economics, geopolitics, demographics, AI, technology, and data science
  • Curated resources to help you stay current on advancements and new business opportunities
  • Focused workshops to address your priorities
  • Targeted research and resources (e.g., CX organization models, capabilities, leadership, and measurement driven by your priorities

Team Development

  • An "Expert Forum" to engage your key team members in best practices sharing and problem solving
  • Separate working groups for your team on feedback/analytics, engagement, customer success, advocacy, and transformational change
  • Industry-wide benchmarking to help your team establish targets, hone skills, and improve performance
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